Our Customer Service Philosphy

Throughout history there have been many popular trends or fads that businesses follow. Generally these trends are like fashion trends – they are temporary and change over time. There are two reasons for this. First, because no one wants to be left behind. If one company is doing something then others feel the need to […] read more »

Ray Myers, RS Interviewed by Condo & HOA Buzz Radio

I am very excited to post a link to my radio interview on Condo & HOA Buzz. This is primarily about the background of CEDCORE, our business philosophy and how we operate. We hope you enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/1150kknw/condo-hoa-buzz-02-25-15 read more »

Now Offering Reserve Study Implementation Coaching

Today we are pleased to announce that we are now offering a new service known as Implementation Coaching. This is exciting for us because we have long encouraged making the most of your reserve study as well as desired a way to provide the best value and service. This new coaching service allows us to […] read more »

Reserve Contributions as a Part of Budget Planning

As we approach October, we are now officially into budget season. Associations are working hard to develop next year’s budget and doing everything possible to keep assessments from rising. Association Managers are calling vendors and utility companies to get an idea of next year’s rates and fees. In addition to the regular operating budget, associations […] read more »

Percent Funded Benchmarks

As mentioned the article “What is Percent Funded?” we learn that we can use the percent funded as a way to measure the strength of the Reserve Fund. The strength can be described as weak, fair, strong and ideal. Below are a few general benchmarks that may be used. 0-30% Funded is a “weak” status. […] read more »

Welcome George Holcombe

I would like to introduce you to George Holcombe, the newest member of our team. As you know we are always striving to build long term relationships that offer the best reports, customer experience and service in the industry. George adds great value to this goal – I promise he will take good care of […] read more »

What You Need to Know About Plumbing Inspections

Because there is no way for reserve providers to evaluate hidden systems, and therefore generally excluded from a reserve study. However, we recommend that evaluations and inspections take place to identify the condition of these systems to provide notice of any concerns and anticipated expenses.   The plumbing system is usually evaluated by plumbers utilizing […] read more »
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