What You Need to Know About Plumbing Inspections

Because there is no way for reserve providers to evaluate hidden systems, and therefore generally excluded from a reserve study. However, we recommend that evaluations and inspections take place to identify the condition of these systems to provide notice of any concerns and anticipated expenses.


The plumbing system is usually evaluated by plumbers utilizing a special pipe inspection camera. Basically it is a small digital camera lens and a small light bundled into a stiff but flexible rod that is pushed up a drain or sewer line. The equipment is connected to a video display monitor either in the plumber’s truck or outside and also connected to a DVD recorder so others can actually see what the interior of the pipes look like without having to watch over the plumber’s shoulder. The device also has a distance recorder; if there is a blockage the approximate location can be estimated and repairs made.


These inspections are highly recommended, particularly for older properties as most people don’t think about the condition of these until they stop working properly and back up – out of sight and out of mind. Costs seem to vary widely so your maintenance coordinator should do some research. If you have site plans showing where the lines are that will help the pricing process. If you don’t have plans/drawings, it is recommend to print out any plans available and mark the lines are on that print. Mark the visible Clean outs and the direction and distance provided from the video camera inspection.


Understanding the condition of the plumbing system and performing regular maintenance and repair when necessary will minimize the risk of large unexpected or catastrophic failures.