Our Customer Service Philosphy

Throughout history there have been many popular trends or fads that businesses follow. Generally these trends are like fashion trends – they are temporary and change over time. There are two reasons for this. First, because no one wants to be left behind. If one company is doing something then others feel the need to do it as well. Second, because the masses follow the leaders. There are many examples of this. In popular culture the celebrities set the stage and the society copies and imitates them. In business it’s the dotcom boom, Six Sigma, web 2.0, social media, etc. When you follow these trends it can create a problem because it may not be who you are. Particularly in business, trends and initiatives should be considered carefully because if it is not a part of your DNA or who you are as a company, then it will not last. The expectation will be set, and never reached because it is not a part of the natural culture of the company.

Customer service has been around for ages, however, it has been a popular recurring trend in business throughout the last 30 years. Over the last 20 years the focus on customer service has come and gone based on the attention of a few select businesses who really have great service; such as Nordstrom or Zappos. All businesses know that some basic customer service is required. However, like the popular trends mentioned above, if it is not a part of the DNA it will not be truly delivered. Yes, you will service the customer, answer the phone, and respond to an email. However, it will be completed with the tone of a defiant child taking out the trash. Some businesses have stood by the importance of customer service while others are not able to make it a true part of their culture. There have been different variations and philosophies of customer service from the “customer is always right” to Apple’s belief that the customer doesn’t really know what they want until they see it.

For us, the true meaning of customer service is the willingness to inconvenience yourself without the customer ever knowing. It is the essence of serving others with an attitude of helpfulness and effective positive interactions. Our goal is to develop long term relationships. This cannot happen without customer service throughout every interaction. It should be the first and last thought during every phone call, email, communication, and work product we complete.

Whenever possible, our job is to make our clients jobs easier. We want them to have confidence that they can delegate a project to us and not stress or worry about the delivery. Customers naturally want to work with businesses that make their job easier. We strive to remain diligent in our focus and efforts to offer the best customer experience in our industry that encourages long term relationships.