Now Offering Reserve Study Implementation Coaching

Today we are pleased to announce that we are now offering a new service known as Implementation Coaching. This is exciting for us because we have long encouraged making the most of your reserve study as well as desired a way to provide the best value and service. This new coaching service allows us to provide a fixed fee product packaged in an economical and beneficial service. Below is a brief outline. Contact us for more details.

Often times the results of a reserve study can be overwhelming. Our Implementation Coaching takes additional steps to help make the most of your reserve investments, and includes the following elements.


We begin the process with a workshop to discuss where the association is and where it needs to go. We learn strategies to increase assessments, we review and prioritize reserve spending and develop an implementation plan.

Implementation Plan

This implementation plan includes action items needed to move forward.


Understanding that good plans to ensure good results. Therefore, we follow up at scheduled times to make sure things that need to get done are.

Written One Page Plan

Following our workshop we develop a one page plan which may be used to communicate with anyone necessary as well as include with the reserve study.