Implement Your Reserve Study in 4 Steps

Step 1: Board Meeting

The Board of Directors has the responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the Association and has significant influence; therefore, the first step is for the Board to meet. This meeting should discuss the results of the reserve study. Invite the Association Manager to attend. The purpose of this meeting should be for the Board to better understand the financial position and the upcoming reserve requirements of the Association. This includes understanding what most influences the results of the Reserve Study.


Step 2: Make a Plan

The Board should then create a plan to determine how best to manage the Association’s common area assets and financial position. Using this Reserve Study as a guide, the Board should make the adjustments required to meet the needs of the Association and its members. This includes setting the Reserve Contribution amount.


Step 3: Association Meeting

After the Board has determined the best course of action, present it to the Association. This allows them to ask questions and understand the direction the community will be heading. This is by far the most important step. Communicating with owners the reasons why will help significantly. Additionally, this brings confidence in the leadership of the Board and unity among the Association members.


Step 4: Update and Adjust

This Reserve Study is a one year document. It needs to be updated and adjusted annually. Additionally, we recommend regular reviews of your plan. Assess progress and make adjustments as necessary. As already mentioned, we recommend communicating regular updates to the Association members. Whether a major project is underway or postponed for various reasons, the membership will appreciate the update. The purpose of this Reserve Study is to help your community succeed. That only works when you are proactive and consistent.